How to Make a Baby Travel Bed

Make a travel bed that is both lightweight, portable and requires little space when stowed away on the road. A baby travel bed is especially useful when the family is headed out to the park or an outdoor location. The following steps show how make a baby travel bed with items you can purchase at your local stores.

Figure 1
    Figure 2
  1. Determine the size of your mattress and use its dimensions to decide on the footprint of your frame.

    Construct the frame (as you would like a tent) with two equal length poles bent across each other. Tie the cross section with a polyester ribbon to hold in place. The poles can be purchase in camping stores; each pole comes with two spigots, elastic cord and wire cord; you can adjust length as desired. However, make sure the length is no less than 10 centimeters as this may affect flexibility

  2. Hold the four "legs" of the frame to form the footprint of the bed with polyester ribbon tied across opposite of each other. See Figure 1.

  3. Construct an "open box" with polyester ribbon on each top corner that you can tie at each side of the pole on the frame (see Figure 2)

  4. "Fold" the mosquito mesh over the frame and secure it on the frame with polyester ribbon. Allow an opening that will give access into the frame.

    Place the inflatable mattress inside and arrange bedding material. Lay a washable sleeping pad on the mattress. Arrange bedding materials.

  5. Stow materials away in a storage bag.


  • Make sure that the construction of the frame is sturdy. Also ensure that there is no more than a 25-millimeter gap between the nylon enclosure and the edge of the inflatable mattress. Make sure that the bedding material that you use will provide comfort and be snug for the infant. Do not use a pillow for a baby less than 2 years old. This unit is for an infant to sleep in it. Do not use this unit as a child containment unit.