How to Build Lattice Privacy Screens

If you have a swimming pool, hot tub or a special spot for tanning or you just want a little privacy, a lattice privacy screen is easy to construct, looks nice and can be completed at a very reasonable cost. With the design below you can build a single section or add additional screen sections for more privacy.

How to Build Lattice Privacy Screens

  1. Assemble the frame. Lay out the four 2-by-2-by-8s. You will cut two of these to a length of 7 feet and 8 1/2 inches. Put the two cut pieces inside the two full length pieces, one at the top and one 4 feet down. Secure these in place using the 3-inch wood screws. Now lay the 2-by-2-by-10 board diagonally across the rectangle you have just built. Make certain the frame is square, and then mark the board so it will fit tightly into the opening. Cut the board, and secure it in place with 3-inch wood screws.

  2. Attach the lattice. The frame is now ready for the lattice. Double check to make certain the frame is square. Measure across the frame diagonally and record the measurement. (Measure from the other two corners and make certain the measurement is the same. If not, adjust the frame until these two measurements match.) Lay the lattice on the frame and secure it down one side with the 1-inch wood screws. The lattice will have some play to it, so keep your frame square and arrange the lattice to fit the frame. Once they are in alignment, secure the other three sides of the lattice with more 1-inch screws.

  3. Install the facing. Cut 45-degree angles on the ends of two of the 1-by-4s. Install these boards on each side of the frame with the angle cut at the top. On a third 1-by-4, cut 45-degree angles on both ends. Install this along the top so the angles match up with those on the two side boards. Measure the distance between the two side boards, and cut the last 1-by-4 to this length. Install the last 1-by-4 with its base flush along the bottom of the lower 2-by-2. This will form a frame/facing around the lattice.

  4. If you intend to paint the screen, the easiest method will be to use a spray painter to get good coverage on the lattice and to save time. You can also purchase the pre-painted lattice and need to paint only the facing and framework. Paint the entire frame and facing, even the portions that will be buried. This will provide additional protection from rotting. You may want to consider painting the lattice one color, such as white, and the facing a second color such as brown or earth-tone.

  5. Erect the screen. Determine the location for the screen, and mark the location for the base of the screen. Use a post hole digger to dig two holes 24 inches deep. Place the legs of the screen into the holes. Make certain the screen is level, and then begin backfilling the holes with dirt. If you want a more permanent setting, fill the holes with cement. You may need to install temporary braces to support the screen until the concrete sets.


  • Be certain to double-check and triple-check that the screen is square at each stage of assembly.
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