How to Clean Durastone Flooring

Sarah Polson

DuraStone flooring is one alternative to ceramic tile, vinyl or laminate. With the look and feel of real stone, Durastone is low maintenance but offers a natural look for homeowners who want to decorate the indoors with a little something from the outdoors. Low maintenance doesn't mean no maintenance, however, and this is what you'll need to do to take care of your DuraStone floor.

  1. Sweep or vacuum your DuraStone floor regularly. This will pick up the dust and other loose debris that may be on the floor. If you use a vacuum, use one without a beater brush to avoid damaging the flooring.

  2. Add resilient floor cleaner to a bucket of warm water. Follow the instructions for your cleaner to determine the cleaner-to-water ratio. For tougher jobs, you can increase the ratio of cleaner to water for better cleaning power.

  3. Mop the floor. Be sure to squeeze out excess water and rinse the mop often for optimal results.

  4. Use a soft cloth to dry off the floor.