How to Remove Dust Mites From Feather Pillows

Dust mites are small insects that burrow into bedding that is normally used every day. They feed on sloughed off skin from humans and animals, and are normally found in mattresses, pillows and blankets. These can normally not be seen unless a serious infestation is found. Normal signs of dust mites in your mattress are seen as small blood spots on the cover of the mattress, or on the sheets if the infestation is more severe.

  1. Wash your pillows in hot water wash and rinse cycles in the washing machine. This will kill most of the dust mites and will also flush away much of the dust mite feces.

  2. Place the pillows into the dryer along with two-three tennis balls. The tennis balls will help to fluff the feathers within the pillows while drying. Dry feather pillows on a hot setting as some of the mites may have survived the wash cycle.

  3. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and use the upholstery hose to completely clean the exterior of the pillow. This will help to suck out any remaining dust mite. Vacuuming your bed and the area around it should help remove any mites that are living in your mattress and carpet.

  4. Unzip the dust mite pillow cover and insert your pillow. Zip the dust mite pillow cover and replace on the bedding.

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