How to Stencil

Stencil a wall for a creative accent to the room. The benefit of stenciling is that the technique only uses paint and when it's time to remove the design, you can simply paint over the stencil. You can stencil room walls but also many other surfaces, adding dimension and design to various craft projects.

Stenciled card.

Step 1

Tape your stencil to the surface you want to decorate, which can be a wall, a T-shirt or a note card, for example.

Step 2

Dab the stencil brush in a bit of paint. For stenciling, less is better, so do not saturate the brush. Tap the brush to remove excess paint. Dab the brush lightly in the center of the stencil. Let some of the area remain unpainted, to give a more organic, natural look.

Step 3

Remove the stencil and place it to the next spot on the surface, until you finish all the design in the first color.

Step 4

Clean the brush lightly by wiping it with a paper towel or rag. Don't wet the stencil brush.

Step 5

Fill in the gaps in the design with a second color of paint.

Step 6

Touch up the project, and fill in or wipe off paint as needed, depending on the surface.