How to Clean a Chinese Rug

Most Chinese and Oriental rugs made today are constructed with materials that can be carefully cleaned by hand. Before spending a fortune on dry cleaning or throwing the rug away, try a simple hand-shampooing method. The steps below can make your rug look as good as new.

Clean a Chinese Rug
  1. Vacuum top side of rug and flip it over. Vacuum the back side of rug. The object is to get as much of the loose dirt from top and bottom surfaces as possible.

  2. Mix two tablespoons of mild dish-washing detergent in one gallon of water. Test color fastness on small area before cleaning entire rug. Use a soft, long-bristled brush to move liquid mixture through the rug pile. Move with a firm motion in direction of the nap. It's easy to tell if you are going with the nap or not. If it's difficult to brush against, you are brushing away from the nap. Wash fringes by brushing in a motion away from the rug.

  3. Use a hose to run clean water over the rug until it runs clear of dirt and soap. This may take several minutes to an hour depending on how dirty the rug is.

  4. Squeegee the rug pile in the direction of the nap to rid it of excess water. Once you're no longer able to force any water from the rug, allow it to air dry.

  5. Place the rug in a flat, protected area to dry. Turn over when top feels dry. The bottom might still need a little drying time. Vacuum when dry if it feels stiff.


  • Take frequent breaks during scrubbing process so you won't strain your back. Wear non-skid shoes.
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