An Alternative to Removing Slippery Ceramic Tile

Many kinds of tile, especially highly polished tile, can be very slippery when wet (or even dry). Slippery floors pose a serious falling hazard--and a fall on hard tile can be dangerous. One solution, of course, is to remove the tile. However, this is a time-consuming and labor-intensive job. In addition, replacing the floor with non-slippery flooring can get terribly expensive. It's fortunate, therefore, that there are very good alternatives to removing slippery ceramic tile. The best one is to coat your floor with an anti-slip product. Read on to learn how.

An Alternative to Removing Slippery Ceramic Tile

  1. Sweep the tile floor very well with a broom. Use a dry dust mop on the floor after and then put on your safety glasses and rubber gloves.

  2. Pour the ceramic tile, anti-slip treatment into a clean bucket (unless the kind of product you bought is used, instead, with a sprayer--in which case, skip this step).

  3. Wet a sponge mop in the solution. Spread the product over all the area you wish to make slip-resistant.

  4. Wait for a while to allow the treatment to work (follow the amount of time indicated on the product label. It usually won't take long to do the job--just about 15 minutes).

  5. Use clean water and the sponge mop to rinse the product off the floor. Let the floor air dry.


  • Keep people (especially children and pets) out of the room when you are treating the area--many of these products are caustic. Some anti-slip tile treatments lose their effectiveness after a while--for best results (to avoid accidents from falls), you'll need to apply the product again by the time indicated on the label.