How to Clean Pet Odor from your Carpets

If you have had trouble getting troublesome pet odors out of your carpets, then try these few tips.

Nature's Miracle
  1. Pet odors in a living space can be troublesome and annoying, and the stinky smell is typically imbedded in your carpet.

    If you own pets and have trouble keeping your carpets clean and fresh, then you are not alone. In fact, you can relate to the millions of pet owners around the globe who battle with household odors that seem to attach to every carpet fiber in the room. In most cases, the lingering odor is caused by the bacteria that remain in your carpets even after your pets have left the affected area. There are several ways you can ensure clean carpets even when your pets do their best to keep it stinky. There are some valuable tips for pet owners who would like to keep their carpets clean and fresh.

    Practical Tip #1: Vacuum Three Times a Week

    Vacuuming is the best way to eliminate pet odors that bury into the carpet. The longer you wait to vacuum, the more likely the dander, dirt, and odor causing bacteria will attach to your carpet fibers. Vacuuming three times a week can sound like an overwhelming task, but remember, you only need to vacuum the area where your pet or pets most likely spend their time. Often, that is typically one or two general areas in your living space. In addition, you can use pet odor powders that are specifically designed to treat carpets. These can be purchased at your local thrift store for a couple of dollars. Choose powder treatments that have baking powder as an ingredient or have bleach alternatives as a main ingredient. These are specially designed to reduce the odors caused by pets.

  2. Practical Tip #2: Use Enzyme Treatments on Biological Excretions

    The bacteria causing odors produced by most pets are typically caused by feces or urine that has been left on the carpet. The best way to remove these stench-filled odors is to use a formulated enzyme cleaner. These cleaners can be purchased at your local pet store and range from about seven to fifteen dollars per bottle. One of the best enzyme cleaners for reducing pet odors is called Nature's Miracle, and it comes with a guarantee. Treating your carpets with this highly effective chemical can reduce odors caused by urine, vomit and feces in a matter of a few hours.

  3. Practical Tip #3

    The best way to reduce and eliminate the odors that invade the carpeted areas of your home is to keep your pets off of the carpets that have been treated. If you use a piece of tin foil and place it over your treated area, your dogs and cats will avoid that area like the plague. Pets don't like the sound or the crinkle of tin foil, so they stay away from the area. Of course once you remove the tin foil, they will go back to that area, but it does provide you with some time for the cleaned area to be restored.

    Pet odors don't have to keep you from enjoying your home. Clean carpets are possible.

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