How to Paint a Bathroom Quickly

Painting a room can be a timely and exhausting task. There are ways to cut down the time it takes to paint your room and this article will focus on painting bathrooms quickly.

Paint a Bathroom Quickly
  1. Make sure to prep your bathroom for painting (Remove things on wall, put down dropcloth if needed). Pour paint into paint tray. Dip edging tool in tray and make sure to get excess paint off. Begin painting edges.

  2. Use the edging tool to paint all edges and around mirrors and light fixtures. If you get paint on the mirror or floor, wipe up with damp paper towel before it dries.

  3. Once the edges are done, use your roller to fill in any large spots. If there are small spots that a roller won't fit, use a smaller paint brush or foam brush. Once you're done, let first coat dry for 2-4 hours.

  4. After the first coat has dried, apply a second coat where needed, especially on the edges. Now you have a newly painted bathroom in no time at all!


  • Make sure to ventilate your bathroom well while painting to get rid of fumes. If you can't, take breaks so you're not in the room for long periods of time.