How to Replace a Sink Trap

The sink trap under your sink helps to avoid clogs further down your drain pipe.

Remove And Replace The Sink trap

Typical Bathroom Sink TrapTypical Bathroom Sink Trap
It is designed so that a clog buildup will settle in the bottom of your sink trap. It also keeps sewer gases from entering your home. There comes a time that the sink trap will need to be replaced because of age. Knowing how to replace a sink trap can save you money and frustration.

Place a bucket under the sink trap to catch water and debris.

Top Slip Nut

Place a towel over the top slip nut and unscrew it with a pair of channel locks. This will prevent putting marks on the nut or damaging it due to slipping.

Bottom Slip Nut

Remove the bottom slip nut in the same manner. Be sure to remove the washers from the sink trap where the slip nuts attached.

Place the old washers from the slip nuts on the new sink trap. Wrap the threads on the new trap with Teflon tape.

Position the new trap into place and thread both slip nuts onto the trap. Tighten down both nuts with the channel locks.

Run water in the sink and check for leaks.

Things You Will Need

  • Bucket
  • Towel
  • Channel Lock Pliers
  • Teflon Tape


  • Clean the drain pipe with a brush while you have everything disconnected.

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