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How to Prepare a Basement for Living Before Building a House

Jon Olson

Building your dream house can be an expensive and time-consuming undertaking. To save some money many people choose to live in the basement of a friend or relative while their house is being built. Prior to moving in to the basement a few living accommodations and other necessities must be met. This article will give you the knowledge to transition from your current living space to a temporary living space in a basement, without breaking your budget.

Preparing the Space

  1. Locate the toilet, sink and shower. The most essential component of a living space is a bathroom. If no toilet, sink or shower is available, locate the "rough-ins" for a bathroom and install the necessary components.

  2. Identify an area for a kitchen setup. Purchase a portable indoor/outdoor butane range stove. This will serve as your cook top. A small portable table will double as a kitchen counter and a table for eating. A mini-fridge will keep your food cold. If space and money are no issue, install a full-size stove, refrigerator and sink.

  3. Purchase a bed or hide-away couch to be used as a sleeping area.

  4. Setup your basement in a fashion that is functional, yet does not hinder the other residents of the house.

  5. Ensure proper heating and air conditioning ducts are run to your living space. This will provide a comfortable environment and air circulation.

  6. Inspect the walls for moisture or water leaks. Use a concrete sealant to prevent moisture from entering the basement.

  7. Install adequate lighting in all basement rooms. This will be your living quarters for the next few months and a bright atmosphere will give you the sense of happiness and functionality.