How to Install a Ceiling Fan With a Swag Kit

Ceiling fans can help reduce your reliance on air conditioning in the summer and make your home more comfortable when used properly in the winter. Not every room, however, has the perfect setup for installing a ceiling fan. For instance, if you have a room where it is near-impossible to run wire above the ceiling, you may not be able to install a traditional ceiling fan. That still doesn't mean you can't install one! Here's how to install a ceiling fan with a swag kit.

  1. Determine where in the room you will be installing the ceiling fan. Keep in mind that you will be screwing the mounting bracket directly to a ceiling joist, so try to find one that's centrally located in the room. Once you do, screw the mounting bracket securely to the ceiling joist.

  2. Open the ceiling fan box and put the fan together as per the directions that are included. Once the fan is assembled, lift it and hang the fan's ball joint in the socket portion of the hanging bracket.

  3. Lift the canopy to the ceiling and make a mark on it where you will want the swag cord to be leaving the fan. Make sure you mark it so the cord will be leaving in the direction of the outlet you are planning on using for the fan's power source.

  4. Remove the fan and disassemble the downrod, so you can drill a hole on the canopy where the swag cord will enter.

  5. Drill the hole and insert the grommet that comes in your swag kit, then put the fan downrod back in place and set the fan back in the mounting bracket.

  6. Take the hooks that come with your swag kit and install them as directed. Make sure they are aligned so that they carry the wire in the direction of the outlet.

  7. Take the wire and thread it through the swag chain. For the best results, make sure it goes through each and every link.

  8. Pull the wire through the grommet on the canopy and strip about 3/4 inches of insulation from each wire. Connect one wire to the black ceiling fan wire and the the other swag wire to the white ceiling fan wire. If your fan has a light kit, connect the black and the blue wires in the fan to the same swag wire with the white connected to the other swag wire.

  9. Secure the canopy to the hanging bracket and start hanging the swag chain on the ceiling hooks. Make sure you keep the swag line free from the blades of the ceiling fan.

  10. Plug the cord into the outlet and test your new ceiling fan!


  • Don't plug the swag cord in until it is wired to the ceiling fan.