How to Clean Ink Off Leather

Leather is prized for its durability and appearance, but some stains are difficult to remove. Ink stains are a common occurrence on leather purses and couches that can ruin the look of the entire item. The best way to combat stains is prevention---never sit on a couch with a pen in your back pocket and always place the cap back on a pen before slipping it into your purse. Yet when stains do occur, removing ink is possible with just a small amount of effort.

Protect your leather couch from ink stains.
  1. Dampen a soft white cotton cloth with rubbing alcohol. If rubbing alcohol is unavailable, substitute fragrance-free hairspray.

  2. Rub the alcohol onto the ink. Pull the leather taut with one hand while rubbing with the other.

  3. Wipe the area clean with a clean, water-dampened cloth.

  4. Rub any remaining ink with alcohol a second time until the mark is completely gone then wipe clean with a water-dampened cloth.


  • Test alcohol in a hidden area first to verify color-fastness of the leather item.

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