How to Lock a Refrigerator

Refrigerator locks are important for child safety. Little ones are naturally curious, and may open and close a refrigerator just for the novelty of watching the interior light come on. But curiosity can turn tragic if a child decides to climb inside the refrigerator and close the door. After a quick trip to the hardware store or home-improvement center, follow a few simple steps to install a safety lock on your refrigerator to keep busy children at bay.

Step 1

Test-fit the two parts of the refrigerator lock. For a side-opening refrigerator, place the latch and mount on the front door near the edge where the door opens and extend the latch around the side of the refrigerator. Plan to install the lock out of a child's reach.

Step 2

Place the latch flat on the side of the refrigerator while holding the mounting bracket in place on the front or edge of the door.

Step 3

Make a crayon mark on the refrigerator side where the latch will lock.

Step 4

Use rubbing alcohol and paper towels to clean the refrigerator door and side cabinet in the spots where the latches will be attached.

Step 5

Remove the paper backing on the adhesive for the latch mounting bracket and press securely to the door of the refrigerator. Hold the bracket in place for four to five minutes until the adhesive sets.

Step 6

Extend the latch around the door again and hold the latch up to the crayon mark.

Step 7

Place the latch inside the locking bracket until it clicks.

Step 8

Check the closed assembly against the crayon mark by holding the latch up to the side of the refrigerator and pulling it tight.

Step 9

Peel off the paper backing from the adhesive on the locking bracket.

Step 10

Press the locking bracket onto the side of the refrigerator about 1/2 inch farther back from the crayon mark and hold it securely for four to five minutes for the adhesive to set. The elastic on a refrigerator lock can stretch, so placing the latch lock 1/2 inch back from the crayon mark will ensure a tight seal.

Step 11

Insert the latch into the latch lock and press until it clicks to lock the refrigerator. Release the lock by pressing the button in the center of the latch.

Step 12

Mount the latch on the front doors, out of a child's reach, on side-by-side refrigerators.