How to Get a Deal on a Washer Dryer

There are several directions to go in to get a deal on a washer dryer combo.

A washer dryer combo normally last a long time but as with most things, they come to an end. Washer dryer combos are a must have for most families. It can have a drastic effect on life as we know it when one of these items goes out. A repairman can cost an arm and a leg just to make the service call. Then you pay for parts and labor. So you have to decide to repair or buy new. If the decision is to buy new, I have some ideas about how to get a deal on a washer dryer combo.
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Shop the sales to find deals when you buy a washer dryer combo. Retailers have sales events throughout the year to try to get your business. Year end holidays sales are a great time to shop for large electronics like a washer dryer combo. Retailers are looking to reduce their year end inventory. They don't want to carry inventory into the next year. This is a great time for you to find a deal on a washer dryer combo. Make the circuit of electronic and home furnishing stores on a regular basis. Take notes at each store on the washer dryer combo that you want and be patient. Don't buy the first time out unless you absolutely sure that you're getting the best deal since sliced bread.

Retailers will tell you that word of mouth advertising is the best kind of advertising so put the word out. Tell all of your family, friends and coworkers that you're looking for a washer dryer combo. One of them may have just purchased a washer dryer combo at a bargain price.

Search local circulars and classifieds to find deals on washer dryer combo' s. There are always local sellers with classified listings to sell just about everything. By searching local circulars and classifieds, you may be able to find a seller who has to relocate quickly and wants to sell everything he has. If so, you could get a deal on a washer dryer combo and more.

Go to local electronic stores and ask if they have the a washer dryer combo that you want that's slightly damaged and not out on the sales floor. One of them may have a washer dryer combo that works fine but was slightly damaged during shipping. If you find this situation, check to see how they work and how much damage they have. It could be something you want to make an offer for.

Look online to find deals when you buy washer dryer combo. Ebay is a popular online auction service that offers just about everything. You get the option to bid on products for sale on Ebay or you could buy at a "Buy now" current bid price. You can find sellers nationally and locally. Ebay is a reputable service that has served millions of people.

Save the purchase price and pay cash. Open a new savings account just for cash purchases. Find the washer dryer combo you want and set a date for the purchase. Divide the purchase price of the washer dryer combo by the number of pay periods left to your targeted purchase date. This gives you the amount of money you need to deposit in your new savings account each pay period to pay cash for the washer dryer combo on the target date.

Deal with the store manager if you plan to pay cash for the washer dryer combo. Tell him which washer dryer combo you want to buy and start counting twenty dollar bills into his hand. Stop counting at the price that you're willing to pay for the set. Tell the manager that's what you'll pay for the washer dryer combo. If he agrees take the washer dryer combo and go home. If he won't deal, take your cash back and tell him you'll deal with his competition across the street.

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