How to Clean Marble Top Furniture

Adam Watkins

Marble is a beautiful stone that can be used to create intricate and dramatic pieces of furniture. Just like any other type of material, marble furniture needs to be maintained to protect its beauty for as many years as possible. Luckily, being the resilient, tough stone that it is, marble can be cleaned and maintained easily with minimal effort or products.

Cleaning and maintaining marble is a simple and straightforward process.
    Wipe all spills from marble surfaces immediately after they occur.
  1. Wipe off any spills and soils that come in contact with marble surfaces immediately after they occur. Marble is hard yet porous, and allowing any liquid to sit on the surface for any amount of time will result in difficult to remove stains on the marble. Use a soft cloth and water. For sticky or stubborn messes, also use a small amount of a gentle detergent such as dish washing liquid.

  2. Clean your marble surfaces regularly with a commercial marble or granite cleaner. These cleaners are gentle on stone, yet effective at removing soils and stains from the surface. Most marble surfaces can be cleaned daily with products such as these. They are available at most home improvement and department stores.

  3. Polish and wax marble surfaces. This will create a barrier on the surface that will help to repel liquids that can stain your marble. Use a chamois to apply a very thin layer of wax to the surface of the marble. After coating the marble, buff away the wax with a separate dry cloth until you have a glossy finish.