How to Use Food Saver Canisters

The Food Saver is a kitchen machine appliance that uses vacuum technology to take air out of food storage containers including specially designed food canisters. The removal of air from the inside of the canister helps to keep the food inside fresher for a longer period of time but you need to follow careful instructions to ensure a proper seal and vacuum process.

Keeping food fresher, longer, reduces waste and saves money.
  1. Fill the canister with the food leaving at least 1 inch between the top of the food and the top of the canister.

  2. Clean and dry the top rim of the canister. Put the lid on the canister.

  3. Put one end of the accessory hose of the food saver into the open hose port on the food saver machine. Put the other end into the port on the canister lid accessory opening. While inserting the hose, turn the gray tab to tighten and lock the hose in place.

  4. Locate the locking latch on the side of the food saver machine and move it to the locked position. If the canister is large, turn the machine dial to "fast" for the speed setting.

  5. Press the button labeled "Canister Vacuum." Allow the vacuum motor to run and do not proceed to the next step until the motor turns off.

  6. Carefully twist the hose off the canister lid and the machine port. Switch the lock latch to "unlock."

  7. Open the canister by pushing the gray rubber button on the canister lid when you want to access the food inside.


  • Connect the hose tightly and do not remove it during the sealing process.
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