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How to Disassemble a Whirlpool Washing Machine

Kenneth Crawford

Knowing how to disassemble a Whirlpool washing machine is essential when it is time to repair it. The do-it-yourself homeowner can remove the entire cabinet of the Whirlpool by dismantling only a few parts. The procedure takes just one tool and a little time. By following the few steps, you can easily access all the parts of the washing machine.

  1. Disconnect the power from the washing machine by unplugging it from the wall outlet.

  2. Look for pieces of trim on each side of the control, on the ends of the console. Press down from the top of the trim pieces to disengage them, and pull them off the console.

  3. Remove the console by unscrewing the attaching screws that the trim was covering. Allow the console to rest behind the washer, taking care not to stress the wires.

  4. Insert a screwdriver in the groove of one of the two large clips where the console had been connected. Push away from you with the screwdriver, disengaging the clip. Repeat the procedure to dislodge the second clip.

  5. Disconnect the lid switch connector plug with your hands. It is located on the top of the washer where the console was. It looks like a white plug connector.

  6. Open the washer lid. Reach under the washer rim, grabbing the cabinet and pulling it up toward you. This will disengage the cabinet from the back of the washer base. Grab the cabinet only, not the washtub itself.

  7. Lift the washer cabinet out of the washtub and set it aside. The parts to the washer can now be accessed.