How to Kill Ants With Household Products

Tamara Runzel

Once you see one, it seems the rest come out of nowhere: ants. They're annoying and unfortunately, one of the most common household pests. They invade kitchens, bathrooms and pet areas around the home. You could go to the store and buy bait traps or ant spray, or you could come up with your own combination of household products to kill the ants. There are a couple of easy ways to kill ants with household products.

Soapy Water

Kill ants with an easy household solution.
  1. Mix a teaspoon of liquid dish soap and water in a spray bottle. Set aside so you can trace the ant trail to the beginning.

  2. Follow the ants back to where they are coming from. This is very important in getting rid of the ants and keeping them away.

  3. Block the ants' point of entry with a solid line of some type of barrier. Make the line a quarter of an inch thick and make sure there are no breaks in front of where the ants are coming from.

    You can use cayenne or black pepper, cinnamon, citrus oil, turmeric or powdered charcoal as a barrier. You can also put petroleum jelly, glue or a squirt of liquid dish soap in the hole.

  4. Squirt all the ants in sight with your soapy water once you have traced where they are coming from.

  5. Vacuum or spray any remaining trail marks you see. This will remove the scent and prevent any more ants from finding the trail.

  6. Place any favorite items of ants, such as pet dishes, honey or sugar jars, etc., in a bowl of water. This will keep the ants away in the future.

Ant Bait

  1. Measure out two cups of boiling water and a cup of sugar.

  2. Mix the boiling water and sugar together until the sugar is dissolved. Cool the mixture.

  3. Put in one tablespoon of 100 percent boric acid and shake. Boric acid is a weak acid sometimes used as an antiseptic.

  4. Make holes in the top of a small plastic container. Put a cotton ball in the container and fill it up with your mixture.

  5. Set the bait traps along ant trails. Splash a few drops along the trail.

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