How to Install Ceiling Fans in a Cathedral Ceiling

During hot seasons, having ceiling fans can help to circulate air and cool weather from your air conditioner.

Installing Ceiling Fan on Cathedral Ceiling

During cold seasons they can also help circulate warm air. Their light fixtures and blades give you a chance to personalize your style and stay warm or cool. If you have a cathedral ceiling in your house, you might be wondering how to install a ceiling fan. With one simple part, you will be on your way.

Locate your circuit breaker and turn off the power circuit to the room you will be installing the ceiling fan in. There may be more than one for this room, so turn all possible switches to the off position.

Disconnect the existing light fixture.

Disconnect the wiring to the light fixture. Remove the old fixture.

Look to see if there is an existing metal bracket or work box from the old light. If there is, it may be suitable for you to install your fan with. It must be a metal bracket, not plastic. If you are going to use the existing work box, move to step seven.

Install a 2-by-4-foot block of wood between the joists and over the spot where you are installing the ceiling fan using screws and a screw gun. You will need to go into your attic to access this area. If you do not have access to the area, install an expandable metal support beam from below. You can find this at home improvement stores. The beam will serve as support for the mounting bracket. If you have the part, you can install a metal support beam by feeding it up through the hole where you will be installing the ceiling fan.

Mount the metal work box to the support beam from below.

Assemble the fan according to the manufacturer's instructions. You will want to have an extended drop pole for your cathedral ceiling when assembling the fan. This will allow the fan to hang lower and not hit the ceiling. There should be at least 18 inches of clearance between the blades and the next closest horizontal measurement to the ceiling.

Take the mounting bracket to the ceiling work box. There are fans that will have a J-shaped hook to hang from the ceiling while working. Others might have a hanging frame to hold up the fan while you are working.

Follow the diagram in your ceiling fan kit to hook up the wiring to the ceiling using the wire nuts. You will most likely connect the wires according to color, ensuring that the ground wires are connected.

Install the canopy to the ceiling according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Assemble the fan blades and lighting.

Turn on your breaker and test your work.

Things You Will Need

  • Ceiling fan kit
  • Outlet box
  • One 2-by-4-foot block of wood
  • Expandable metal support beam
  • Wire nuts
  • Screw gun
  • Four 1-inch drywall screws
  • Ladder
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers


  • Buy a fan that is the correct size for the room. Most fans have this labeled on the package. The bigger the room, the bigger the fan.


  • Before doing any work, you must disconnect the circuit. You could get electrocuted if you do not. Only mount a metal work box, not a plastic one.

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