How to Adjust a Bathroom Sink Stopper

Adjusting a bathroom sink stopper is a quick and simple chore. A sink stopper is attached to a pivot arm that protrudes from the side of the sink drain. The pivot arm is attached to the clevis rod which runs parallel to the drain pipe. This clevis rod is attached to the sink pull knob shaft with a setscrew than can be easily adjusted with the use of a slotted screwdriver.

  1. Locate the pivot rod and clevis rod under the sink basin.

  2. Locate the setscrew, which is located at the top end of the clevis rod; the setscrew attaches the clevis rod to the faucet pull knob.

  3. Unscrew the slotted screw so that adjustments can be made to the sink stopper.

  4. Adjust the sink stopper by sliding the clevis rod up or down from the pull knob shaft.

  5. Tighten the setscrew with the slotted screwdriver so that the clevis rod is securely held in place.

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