How to Replace a GE Washer Belt

The tub on a GE front loading washing machine is turned by a grooved belt that transfers the rotary motion of the washer's motor to the tub drive pulley. If error codes such as E45 or E49 appear on the control panel display, there may be a problem with the drive assembly related to the belt. Service access to the belt and drive assembly requires only basic mechanical skill and a screwdriver.

  1. Unplug the washer from the wall outlet.

  2. Remove the water hoses. Then pull the washer out from the wall.

  3. Remove four screws from the rear cover. Then remove the rear cover by pulling the cover outward from the middle. Set the cover aside.

  4. Turn the tub drive pulley slowly while gently easing the drive belt off the pulley. Remove the belt once it is free of the pulley.

  5. Hook the new belt onto the small motor pulley. Line the ribs of the belt up with the grooves in the motor pulley.

  6. Turn the tub pulley slowly while easing the new belt onto the the tub drive pulley. Continue to turn the tub drive pulley until the belt is fully seated.

  7. Reverse the above steps to reinstall all components.