How to Take the Back Off a GE Dryer

If you need to do internal work on your GE dryer, it will be necessary to remove the back of the appliance in order to be able to access the internal parts of the dryer.

Before doing any work on the inside of the dryer, you should be sure that the work you are doing is necessary and that you truly understand what you are doing. Making changes to your dryer can cause the dryer to work even less effectively if you are not careful.

Remove the power cord from the wall outlet.

Pull straight out on the appliance so you have a little room to work behind the appliance.

Turn the screw on the clamp that holds the hose into place with a screwdriver. Pull out on the hose to remove it after the clamp is loose.

Pull the dryer farther out from the wall so you can fit directly behind it.

Turn the screws on each of the sides of the appliance counter-clockwise to remove them.

Lift up on the back panel to slide it up, then pull it outward. This will fully remove the back panel of the dryer. Reverse this process to put the panel back into place.

Things You Will Need

  • Phillips screwdriver