How to Install Cabinet Door Hinges

Cabinet door hinges sometimes get bent, broken, or come loose. Installing new ones just takes a little time and effort. Be sure to align the hinges with one another. Replace the hinges, and make sure the door is centered and aligned with the other cabinet doors.

How to Properly Install Cabinet Hinges

  1. Make a guide so that all of the hinges are placed correctly for even cabinets. This is achieved by simply cutting a block in a length of 2 inches. Place this at the top of the cabinet frame, and mark a line right below the wood block. Repeat this for all of the top and bottom of the frame so that you can have proper hinge placement.

  2. Get the chalk line and your ruler. Have a helper place the cabinet over the empty space and mark it with a pencil. Measure how high it is above the space where the cabinet will be going. Go to the other end of the cabinet frame and measure the same distance that you had with the other side. Mark it off. Take the chalk line and have the helper hold one end of the chalk line while you take the other end to the other side of the cabinets. Mark the line with the chalk line by pulling the line away from the cabinet frame and letting it snap back onto the cabinet frame. This will ensure that your cabinets are straight.

  3. Take the hinge and place it on the frame of the cabinets above where you marked it off and drill a small hole. This is to ensure that you do not splinter the wood. Screw in your screw with a drill or use a screwdriver. Do this for all of the hinges.

  4. Align your cabinets with the line and drill mark the holes on the door. After that take the cabinet door off, and place the hinge at a 90 degree angle. Have the helper align the hinge holes with the mark that you made. Make a small hole in the door with a drill and drill bit. Screw the screw in, and you have successfully hung hinges and cabinets.