How to Kill Formosan Termites

Hailing originally from Asia and found predominately in the southern United States, Formosan termites are some of the most dangerous insects to have in or around your home. These termites are transported by the movement of soil, lumber, wooden crates and other wood products, and infest an area by swarming and mating. According to the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, a mature colony can contain between a million and 10 million termites. Eliminating these pests quickly and efficiently is essential to protecting your home and family.

  1. Look for signs of infestation. Because Formosan termites are subterranean, they general enter homes in areas that directly contact with outside soil, such as cracks, joints and holes for drains. Check these areas for termites or signs of their presence, such as tunnels leading to woodwork. Once they are established in an area within the home that contains moist wood, the termite does not need a direct line to the outside. Check near wooden fixtures and lighting installations for termite occupancy.

  2. Contact a professional pest control operator if you find any signs of Formosan termites within your home. The operator will confirm an infestation, and take the proper steps to eliminate the termites. Have the professional treat the soil around your home with liquid termiticide to prevent the termites from having access to your home. Killing all of the termites in your home will not be effective if more can enter through the soil.

  3. Request that the pest control professional conduct a fumigation if the termites have already infested your home. You can also use termite baits and traps; the termites within your home will feed from the poisoned bait and spread it to the other insects, helping to eliminate the colony. This will require a certain type of bait to kill Formosan termites specifically; be sure to check with your pest control professional that the proper chemicals are being used.


  • Fumigation will only kill the in-home colonies that have already built up; it will not effectively prevent termite invasion. You must have the soil around your home treated with termiticide to prevent infestation of Formosan termites.