How to Build a Portable Clothes Line

A variety of portable clotheslines are available for purchase. For the DIY enthusiast, it is possible to design and tailor-make a portable clothesline to suit living space and needs, be it for indoor or outdoor use.

Instructions on clothing labels sometimes specify that a garment dry away from sunlight. In the event of inclement weather, garments can be hung on a portable clothesline erected inside the house, in a garage, shed or sheltered area away from the elements.

A lightweight portable clothesline can be taken on vacations. It is easily dismantled, packed and set up quickly.

  1. Cut the polyrope into three equal lengths using the Stanley knife. Gather the tips of each length of polyrope together and tie as one to form a loop.

  2. Take one loose end of the polyrope and tie a tight knot around one end of the S hook. Repeat the step for the remaining two loose ends of polyrope.

  3. Use the remaining S hook to slip through the loop knot. Attach the hook to a secure overhead fixture. Attach the Hula Hoop to each of the three dangling S hooks. Position the hooks at equal intervals around the hoop.

  4. Hang washing on the portable clothesline. Drape lightweight items such as undergarments and socks over the hoop.

  5. Use a coat hanger to hang shirts over the hoop. Use a coat hanger with clips that fasten to garments, such as skirts or slacks, to hang on hoop.

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