How to Kill Spiders and Ants

Spiders and ants are pests which descend on homes that are not properly protected. Depending on where you live, different seasons tend to bring them indoors. While spiders are largely beneficial to control other kinds of pests, keep in mind some spiders do feed off ants, so by getting rid of the ants, you will get rid of the spiders in some cases. Learn how to eradicate these pests for good.

Spread the diatomaceous earth around your entire yard, both front and back. Diatomaceous earth is a natural rock which is very fine, almost like powder. It's a natural insecticide which dries out all insects and spiders, killing them. It is safe for use around other animals.

Go around the outside of your home and knock off any spiderwebs on the exterior. Also check any fences, woodpiles or any other areas in your yard which are prone to collect spiderwebs. Check woodpiles for carpenter ants and make a note later to treat the woodpiles for ants.

Pour boiling water on any ant trails or spider webs in your yard, including inside your woodpiles. Boiling water destroys ants' scent trails and spiderwebs, and it's nontoxic.

Spread the dry grits in any place ants frequent. The ants will carry the grits back to their nest and share them with the other ants. When ants eat grits, the grits expand inside their stomachs, essentially causing the ants to explode.

Fill the spray bottle with soapy water and keep it handy. Whenever you find a spider or ant, knock it out with the soapy water. This helps keep most pests at bay inside your home.

Things You Will Need

  • diatomaceous earth
  • broom
  • dry grits
  • spray bottle
  • soapy water


  • If you have a pool in your backyard, citronella candles help eliminate mosquitoes, which may be another reason your home attracts a lot of spiders. Get rid of the mosquitoes, and the spiders will stop coming into your yard because they won't have anything to eat. For spiders that just won't go away, try a pesticide specifically formulated to kill spiders. These critters are very hard to kill, unlike ants, and pesticide should be the last resort.


  • Do not use pesticides if you have small children or pets. Avoid using dry grits if you have pets or a lot of animals around your home, as the grits can be difficult for them to digest. Use powdered borax mixed with equal parts sugar instead.

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