How to Set up Home Security Cameras

There are different ways to set up a home surveillance system. You can purchase a monitoring service that includes installation of home security cameras, or you can purchase and install a security system on your own.

  1. Select appropriate surveillance equipment, such as analog video, infrared or wireless cameras. The installation process and materials needed depends on the type of camera you select. Although you can purchase inexpensive equipment, it might be of poor quality and not last.

  2. Connect Ethernet cables where you want to place wired cameras. Ethernet cables are used to transmit images through the Internet. If you want to install wireless cameras, purchase a wireless adapter. The camera also must be connected to a power source, such as batteries or a wall outlet.

  3. Connect the receiver so that images can be recorded and stored. Wireless cameras that come with hand-held monitoring systems can be linked to a DVR, TV or computer. Upload software that corresponds with your camera if necessary.

  4. Mount the camera and control panel securely. Turn the system on and and verify that the camera is capturing your desired images, such as the back door, living room and garage.

  5. Adjust the camera as needed. For example, you might need extra lighting to view the front porch at night.


  • A a wireless system might encounter interference from other devices.