How to Replace a Whirlpool Oven Temp Sensor

Later models of Whirlpool ovens and ranges use a temperature sensor rather than a thermostat to control the oven temperature. Like thermostats, oven temperature sensors can become faulty over time and cause wacky oven temperatures. The Whirlpool oven temperature sensor is accessible through the back panel of the Whirlpool oven.

Disconnect the Whirlpool oven from the wall outlet. Push the oven back and tip the front forward to disengage the rear feet from the anti-slip clips on the floor. Pull the oven forward so you can work behind the unit.

Use an appropriate size nut driver to remove the screws that secure the back panel to the Whirlpool oven. Remove the back panel and set it out of the way.

Locate the oven temperature sensor on the rear of the oven. It is on the upper right hand side above the broiler element attachment. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the two screws that secure the Whirlpool oven temperature sensor to the oven.

Use your fingers to disconnect the wiring connector from the Whirlpool oven temperature sensor to the lead. Unclip the wire from the retaining clip mounted on the rear of the oven and remove the oven temperature sensor from the oven.

Write down the model number of your Whirlpool oven and take the oven temperature sensor with you to an appliance repair shop. Purchase a new oven temperature switch that matches the faulty part.

Secure the new Whirlpool oven temperature sensor to the rear of the oven using the retaining screws. Connect the wire connector from the sensor to the lead in the oven. Push the connector together until it locks in place. Set the sensor wire inside the retaining clip on the rear of the oven.

Place the back of the oven into place and secure it using the retaining screws. Slide the oven back into its working position, making sure to lock the rear feet into the anti-slip clips in the floor. Plug the Whirlpool oven back into the wall outlet.

Things You Will Need

  • Nut driver set
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Replacement oven temperature sensor


  • Always unplug appliances from electrical outlets before attempting repairs.

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