How to Drain Water Out of the Bathtub

It is very important to drain the water out of your bathtub. Leaving water in the tub can create mildew and mold. Leaving the tub full of water can also be bad for your health, and can stain your tub and decrease the value of your home.

How to drain water out of the bathtub under normal conditions

  1. Remove whatever you used to stop the water from draining on its own. Most of the time this is the drain stopper. If that is the case, then all you have to do is pop the drain stopper up and turn it in a clockwise direction in order to keep it from closing.

  2. Let the water drain on its own. If there is nothing clogging your drain, the water will drain on its own. This may take a while depending on how much water was in the bathtub and the amount of water that the drain can suck up. This depends on the size of the drain and the size of the opening above the drain, if any.

  3. Make sure all water has drained from the tub, if possible.

How to drain water from your bathtub when the drain is clogged

  1. Remove anything that might be clogging the drain. This includes the drain cover. If the drain cover is screwed onto the bathtub, make sure that you remove all the screws using a screwdriver before trying to remove the drain cover.

  2. Put your hand into the drain as far as you can, or as far as you feel comfortable. Try to grab onto any hair or debris that might be clogging your drain

  3. Grab a plumbing snake and put it down the drain. Make sure you read the instructions provided with the plumbing snake if you have never used one. If you do not feel comfortable using any plumbing tools, or the plumbing snake does not help unclog your bathtub, call a professional who will be able to take care of any plumbing issue necessary with your tub.

  4. Allow the water to drain from your tub.


  • Do not perform any plumbing work that you do not feel comfortable doing. If something seems dangerous, or you do not feel able, call a professional.
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