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How to Get Crayon Off Bare Wood

Michelle Powell-Smith

Cleaning up crayon is a fact of life for nearly every parent. Most of us will scrub crayon from walls, tables, plastic toys and more. Every surface requires different removal strategies, and bare wood is no exception.

  1. Use a dull putty knife to carefully scrape away any excess crayon. Skip this step if you are just cleaning up a scribble, accidental mark or drawing. Scrape melted crayon off bare wood thoroughly before proceeding with cleaning.

  2. Wipe the crayon marks with a damp melamine foam eraser. Rub firmly, rinsing the cleaning pad as necessary.

  3. Spray the crayon marks with WD-40. Allow to sit, then wipe the crayon off bare wood with a clean rag. Repeat if the crayon stain remains on the wood.

  4. Try a paste of baking soda and water to remove crayon from bare wood. Use a gentle touch to avoid abrading the wood.

  5. Wipe or brush away excess cleaning products. Rub liquid dish detergent into powdery or greasy residue from the cleaning process. Rinse away the detergent residue with a small amount of clean water.

  6. Dry the bare wood thoroughly after removing crayon marks.