How to Make Bamboo Ceiling

Marsanne Petty

Bamboo is rapidly becoming a popular decorating medium. More and more people are making efforts to use sustainable goods when building and remodeling thier homes. Bamboo, which grows abundantly, makes a perfect sustainable material. Making a bamboo ceiling can be a relatively simple way to update your interior décor.

How to make bamboo ceiling

  1. Using rolled bamboo panels strung together with copper wire, lay the panels out on the floor and stretch them out so they are flat. Pull the loose bamboo strips on either end of the panel to tighten the bamboo strips together.

  2. Standing on a ladder on one side of the room, have an assistant hand you one end of the first bamboo panel. Carefully use the staple gun to staple the bamboo panel to the ceiling, making sure to keep the staples on the wire of the panel. This allows the staples to "disappear."

  3. Continue stapling the panel to the ceiling, ensuring that you keep it straight and tight to the ceiling.

  4. When finished with the first panel, continue working across the ceiling in a straight line. Once all of the panels are finished in one row, move to the next row.

  5. Using the drill, pre-drill holes in the bamboo end caps.

  6. When you have all of the bamboo panels stapled to the ceiling, have your assistant hand you the end caps, one at a time. Using the drill, screw the end caps over the ends of the bamboo panels, staying close to the edge of the ceiling.

  7. Working around the room, capture the ends of all of the bamboo panels to ensure that they do not sag from the ceiling. After this is finished, you will have a completed bamboo ceiling.