How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Roof

Roof rats love to climb and are usually found in places of higher ground such as attics and roofs. They feed on seeds and nuts like squirrels. However, they will eat meat and other food products in the home. They come out mostly at night. It may take a few days to catch these types of rats with rat traps or baits. You will find roof rats more dominant during the summer periods and in warm areas.

The Process

  1. Check to see if all the entries to the roof are sealed off or where the rat entered the roof from. You will take a mental note of any repairs to be done to prevent them from entering. The roof rat only needs a small entry point.

  2. Put on your protective mask and gloves and go up on the roof using a ladder. Use a flashlight and look where the rat droppings are coming from. Put all the mouse traps close to these droppings in and outside of the roof for three or more days.

  3. Allow the rats to get familiar with eating from the rat trap for a few days. This will help them to be more comfortable with eating without being caught.

  4. Set the snap traps on a glue board now to go off when the rats come to eat the next time. If the trap does not go off and the rat tries to escape, it will still get caught on the glue board.

  5. Remove all the dead mice by putting them in a trash bag and dumping them in an outside trash can. Leave the mouse traps in place and check back in another three days or so to see if there are any more caught in the trap.


  • If you use rat poison, the rats will die in the roof and you may spend days searching for the foul smelling rat. It will also smell horribly around the home.