How to Build a Garden Hammock Arbor (pictures)

A garden hammock arbor is a unique way to add style and functionality to a small yard.

Garden ArborsGarden Arbors
The adult version of a swing arbor, a hammock arbor is compact and gives you a perfect place in which to relax and read a good book under the shade of its trellis.
Garden Pergolas 1

Dig two 36" deep holes 8 feet apart. Place the two 6x6 posts into the holes and fill with concrete.

Garden Pergolas 2

Trim the 4 4-foot-long pieces of 2x6 as shown. Bolt to the top of the 6x6 posts. Using brackets, screw the 4 12-foot-long 2x6s to the "support beams" as shown. These will create the trellis for the arbor. Screw 2x2 cedar pieces along the top of the arbor about 1 inch apart.

Garden Pergolas 3

Drill a hole into the center of the two 6x6 posts for hammock hooks. Screw in 2 large eye hooks. Your garden arbor is ready for your hammock!

Things You Will Need

  • 2 11' 6x6 treated wood
  • 4 4' 2x6 treated wood or cedar
  • 4 12' 2x6 treated wood or cedar
  • 2x2 cedar pieces in 4 foot lengths

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