How to Make a Candelabra Centerpiece

Decorate a party dinner or buffet table with a creative candelabra centerpiece. Candelabras traditionally hold two or more candles and are made of metal or wood. You can use candelabras and candles to add a pop of color to your party, enhance a theme and set the mood with soft lighting. Candelabras will add ambiance to your dinner table and can become the focal point of your party. These centerpieces are inexpensive to make, making them excellent decor ideas if you are planning a party on a tight budget.

  1. Choose a candelabra based on the style of your home or a party theme. Pick a bronze or gold antique candelabra for an elegant, vintage look, or a sleek silver version for modern appeal. Depending on how many candles you plan on using, choose a candelabra with the appropriate number of candle holders.

  2. Decide what candles to use in the candelabra. Choose white- or cream-colored candles as a neutral base for additional decor, or match the candles to a specific theme. For instance, if you are planning an autumn party, pick harvest-hued shades such as burnt orange, gold, chocolate brown and olive green. For a birthday party, choose candle colors based on the honoree's favorite shades.

  3. Customize the look of the candelabra for a special occasion by decorating the base with ribbons or flowers. Glue fake flowers on green wire stems and wrap them around the base of the candelabra. For a spring soiree, fill the candelabra with fresh green or light pink flowers, and wrap pink flowers or daisies around the base. For a Fourth of July bash, choose blue candles and pick red and white flowers.

  4. Use candles or other decor items to enhance the candelabra centerpiece. If you have a large dinner or buffet table to work with, place small glass teal light holders around the centerpiece to highlight it and add additional soft lighting. To elaborate on a party theme, scatter small statues and figurines, such as snowmen, pumpkins or bunnies, around the candelabra.

  5. Use household items, such as fruits and vegetables, to make creative candle holders if you don't want a traditional candelabra. For example, for a summer party, carve holes into a watermelon and insert long red candles. As Halloween decor, make holes in a pumpkin and place orange, black and dark purple candles inside; you can paint the pumpkin with a witch or ghost design.