How to Negotiate the Price on Washing Machines

Roz Zurko

Negotiate the price of your washing machine much like you would the price of a new car or the purchase of a house. Armed with research and perseverance, you will not pay the ticket price on the appliance. There is always room in the price for negotiating, whether it is on the price tag, delivery fee or service plan.

Step 1

Do your research before going to the store to make your purchase. A quick online comparison of washing machine prices, delivery fees and service plans will arm you with the ammunition for negotiating with the sales man who will sell you this appliance.

Step 2

Pick out the washing machine you want to purchase, and excuse yourself from the salesman for a few minutes "while you look around the store some more." This gives the salesman the idea that you are not completely sold as of yet. He will be more eager to negotiate now that he knows he does not have the sale in his pocket yet.

Step 3

Present him with the information that you researched, and let him know that the store down the street has the same or equivalent washing machine on sale for X amount of dollars less than his. He will have a comeback such as "this is a better made machine." Your comeback needs to be polite, but direct, that you will be going to the place that will save you money.

Step 4

Be persistent and let him know that you will not pay the ticket price on this machine and that you want to do business with him, but he needs to come down on the price. If he will not come down on the purchase price, ask him to waive the delivery fee, or throw in an extra year on the service plan. This is another way to save money on this purchase.

Step 5

Negotiations are on your side, especially if it is a higher end machine that is costly and if you are buying a dryer or another appliance with it. Salesmen make commissions on their sales; they do have room for negotiating a better price with customers. If nothing else works, try walking out. Salesmen have been known to follow the customer out the door and finally agree to a discount.