How to Make Toilet Tank Cleaner

When most people clean their toilets, they spend their time scrubbing the inside and outside of the toilet bowl. While these areas certainly need to be cleaned on a regular basis, it's also good to clean the toilet tank. The tank holds fresh water that gets transferred to your toilet bowl after every flush. If the tank is dirty, it can produce a smell that's hard to get rid of unless you clean the tank. Luckily, you can make your own cleaner to use in the toilet tank.

  1. Make sure the tank is full with water. Pour a half cup of traditional table vinegar into the toilet tank.

  2. Let the vinegar sit in the toilet tank for at least a half hour. Don't use the toilet during this time. The longer you let it sit, the easier it will be to clean the tank. If you can let it sit for an hour, that's even better.

  3. Scrub the inside walls of the toilet tank with a traditional toilet brush. For the intricate parts of the toilet tank, including the valves, scrub the surface with a soft cloth to get into small grooves that may be unreachable with the toilet brush.

  4. Flush the toilet when you're done scrubbing the tank. The water from the tank will drain into the toilet bowl and refill with fresh water.

  5. Perform this maintenance again if you find that it did not work sufficiently. Use one cup of vinegar next time and let it sit for a longer period of time. This will help get rid of tougher stains.

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