How to Seal a Polished Marble Shower

Polished marble is a luxurious material that can look stunning for a very long time. Modern homes are using marble in every room, including showers. Many homeowners wonder how often marble needs to be sealed and how to apply sealer to keep their polished marble looking as good as possible. Marble installed inside a shower is exposed to hard water, minerals and all kinds of chemicals people use to keep themselves clean. This makes it particularly important to keep your shower marble well sealed.

  1. Deep clean your polished marble shower to remove soap scum, dirt and deposits from the marble. Use a steam cleaner (they can be rented from most hardware stores) and start at the top of the wall. Steam will help to release anything stuck to the marble.

  2. Scrub any particular spots using a neutral pH marble cleanser. Most hardware and home stores carry pH neutral marble cleansers. Many consumer cleaners will damage marble. Don't use anything that will scratch the marble, such as powdered cleansers, cleansers with lemon or citrus and scrubbing pads. Use a white nylon bristle brush with plenty of marble cleanser for persistent spots.

  3. Rinse the marble well with tap water first; once you are certain the marble is clean to your satisfaction, do a final rinse using distilled water. Distilled water will not cause mineral spots. Wipe the marble dry with clean towels immediately. Allowing water to air dry will often leave spots.

  4. Use a sealer designed for marble such as Stone Spray-N-SealĀ® (this is just one of many good brands). Marble sealer is sold at most hardware and home stores where marble and stone products are sold. Not all stone sealers are appropriate for marble so read the label before buying the product.

  5. Apply the sealer at the top of the wall and work your way down. Be particularly careful to use a penetrating sealer and to add additional sealer to any areas of the stone that have exposed pores. You want to seal the marble as completely as possible. Some sealers can be applied with a spray bottle.

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