How to Secure Dishwashers to Cabinets Instead of Granite Countertops

Side-mounting a dishwasher to the surrounding cabinetry is a safe alternative to mounting it to the bottom of a granite countertop. Secure mounting is necessary to prevent the dishwasher from lurching forward during operation. However, mounting a dishwasher into granite is problematic; sometimes drilling holes into the stone can cause cracking and permanent damage. Side-mounting provides a suitable alternative, and can be completed with basic tools and materials.

Step 1

Locate the side-bracket mounting areas along the outside top of the dishwasher frame. Search for two vertical screw holes. Place a side bracket in position, matching the screw holes in the bracket with the screw holes in the frame.

Step 2

Attach the mount to the frame using two mounting screws and a Phillips-head screwdriver. Position the bracket so the opposite end -- the end with only one screw hole -- is both above and forward of the mounting area. Mount the other side bracket to the opposite side of the dishwasher in the same way.

Step 3

Slide the dishwasher beneath the granite counter. Position the dishwasher so its front door is flush with the front of the adjacent cabinets and is centered between the cabinets.

Step 4

Mark the area on each cabinet where the dishwasher side-mounts will be attached. Slide the dishwasher out from under the counter.

Step 5

Squeeze construction adhesive onto one side of each 3-by-3-inch piece of 3/4-inch plywood. Place the glued side of one piece onto the marks you made on one cabinet side. Hold the plywood in position using a C-clamp. Repeat the process on the other cabinet with the second piece of plywood. Allow the adhesive to dry completely before removing the clamp.

Step 6

Slide the dishwasher back into position beneath the counter. Place a 1/2-inch wood screw through each side-bracket mounting hole. Screw each screw into the plywood, using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Drive the screws until they are flush with the bracket to avoid interference when closing the dishwasher door.

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