How to Connect Vinyl Flooring to Carpeting

You're ready to install your new vinyl floor, but you're confused over how to finish the edges.

While quarter-round molding is standard around the perimeter of the room, you're not sure what to place across the threshold of the doorway where the vinyl will connect with the carpeting in the next room. You'll be relieved to learn there's a specific material made for this situation, and with a quick trip to the hardware store you'll be ready to finish your flooring job. .

Measure the doorway where the vinyl flooring will connect to the carpet; if there is a drop in height, measure the drop, too.

Purchase the flooring transition piece that meets your doorway specifications. A typical vinyl to carpet transition will have a toothed edge on one side and a smooth edge on the other.

Cut the transition piece to fit the doorway, using a hack saw.

Fasten the transition piece to the floor, taking care that the raw carpet edge overlaps the toothed edge of the transition by 1/2 inch and that the raw edge of the vinyl flooring is covered. Screw into place, using the screws that are packaged with the transition piece.

Tuck the raw edge of the carpet onto the toothed edge, using a putty knife to push the carpet tightly to the center edge and then downward to engage the carpet backing with the metal teeth.

Things You Will Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Flooring transition piece
  • Hacksaw
  • Screwdriver
  • Putty knife


  • Transition pieces are available in aluminum, vinyl and rubber to complement most decors.
  • Always measure twice before cutting.


  • Always wear eye protection when using cutting tools.



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