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How to Uninstall Pergo Flooring

Robin Hewitt

Pergo laminate flooring was invented in Europe more than 30 years ago and was originally designed to be removed and reinstalled when an owner changed homes. While you're probably not planning to take your floor to a new home, you may be thinking of changing your flooring and aren't sure whether you can uninstall the Pergo yourself. You'll be pleased to learn that this is a quick and reasonably clean job to perform, and you can save most of the planks for reuse in another area if you choose to.

  1. Remove the quarter round molding from the perimeter of the room, as well as any transition pieces that are covering the thresholds.

  2. Determine which wall was the ending wall of the Pergo flooring installation by examining the long edges of the planks. The ending wall will have the tongue edge of the planks cut off, as opposed to a grooved edge. This is where you will begin your uninstall job.

  3. Slide a scrap of cardboard beneath a corner plank so it is between the plank and the underlayment, and then slide the curved edge of a pry bar beneath the cardboard. This will prevent the plank from splitting or breaking during removal.

  4. Raise the plank one inch, using the pry bar.

  5. Grasp the plank with both hands, placing each hand one foot from the edge of the plank.

  6. Pull the plank gently upwards 3 inches while sliding it away from the seam where it connects to the next plank in the same row. The plank in your hands will disconnect from the next plank.

  7. Lift the plank slowly by the edge. You will feel a slight click as it disengages from the next row.

  8. Repeat the process with the remaining flooring until all Pergo flooring has been uninstalled.