How to Lubricate a Sliding Door

A sliding door is wonderful in that it creates an almost invisible barrier between the indoors and out. However, it's occasionally necessary to lubricate the sliding door to make sure it opens and closes easily.

  1. Slip a flathead screwdriver between the rollers and the pocket, which is located at the sliding door's bottom. Inspect the rollers, and replace them if necessary.

  2. Clean dirt and debris from the wheels by scraping them. Clean them further with a rag and denatured alcohol. Spray them with silicon spray.

  3. Insert the rollers back into the pockets, place a block of wood over them, and seat them by tapping on the wood with a hammer. Adjust their screws as needed, and then slip them out of the way.

  4. Clean the inside and outside of the header with a rag and denatured alcohol. Spray the inside of the header with silicon spray.

  5. Vacuum the bottom of the sliding door's track, clean it with a rag and denatured alcohol, and spray it with silicon spray. Add further lubrication by rubbing the track with a block of paraffin.

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