How to Replace the Belt on a Dirt Devil Dynamite

Alexis Lawrence

The Dirt Devil Dynamite is an upright vacuum cleaner with a slender, cylindrical body. Like many upright vacuums, the Dirt Devil Dynamite collects dust and dirt in the body of the vacuum, which eliminates the need for bags, and has a long cord to accommodate any large room. The Dirt Devil Dynamite also has a brushroll that helps the vacuum suck up hard to get debris. This brushroll can cease to function properly when the belt needs replacing.

  1. Unplug the Dirt Devil Dynamite from the wall and lay the vacuum cleaner down flat so that the handle is lying on the floor. Turn the entire vacuum over so that the bottom and back of the unit face up.

  2. Remove the four screws on the plate on the bottom of the Dirt Devil Dynamite. Once the screws are removed, lift the plate off of the vacuum.

  3. Pull the belt from the end of the motor in the vacuum and off the end of the brushroll. Take the brushroll out of the Dirt Devil Dynamite. Unwrap any hair or strings from around the brushroll, cutting the hair and strings away with scissors or a utility knife if necessary.

  4. Wrap one end of the replacement vacuum belt around the end of the clean brushroll and place the brushroll back into its original position in the vacuum cleaner. Slide the other end of the belt around the motor.