How to Build a Shoe Shelf

Shoe shelves are essential wardrobe installments that help to minimize the consumption of closet space. A tiered shelf not only allows you to keep shoes neatly organized in pairs, and thus makes finding shoes easier, but can offer space to store shoe boxes as well. A simple-style shoe shelf can be made at any height or length to fit the space in which it will reside. You may choose to alter the dimensions below to accommodate the space you're modifying.


  1. Lay the two side boards flat on the floor or table next to one another. Use a ruler and pencil to mark a horizontal line straight across the width of the board 2 inches from the top. Subsequently mark a second line 6 inches from the first line and a final line 6 inches from the second line. These lines will mark where the shelves will be nailed.

  2. Turn one side board upright and have an abled-bodied person hold a shelf board at the first marked line, with the width of the shelf board coinciding with the width of the side board.

  3. Place a nail 2 inches from one end of the width of the side board.

  4. Hammer the nail into place, ensuring it punctures through to the shelf board. Hammer in the second nail 2 inches from the end of the other side of the side board.

  5. Position the other side board to the free end of the shelf board, lining the two ends up with the marked measurement.

  6. Hammer into place each of two nails 2 inches from the side board's ends.

  7. Repeat steps 3-5 for the remaining two shelf boards until all boards have been joined to the adjoining side boards. At this point, all three of the shelves' ends should be nailed to the two side boards on either end.

  8. Paint or stain your shoe shelf, if desired. Let stand for the recommended dry time length on your paint or stain container.

  9. Set your shoe rack in the desired spot and place shoes on the rack.


  • Use caution when using a hammer. Remove body parts from the hammer's hitting range to avoid injury.
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