How to Get Crayons & Ink Pens Off Walls

If your kids have used crayons or pens on the walls of your house, there are simple ways to clean them. Crayon marks and pen marks on walls can be removed without repainting, using products you probably have right at home. Wallpaper does not need to become a casualty of crayons or pens. There are simple home remedies and products you can use to remove marks on your walls.

  1. Rub the spot on the wall with a disposable cleaning eraser--this works especially well with crayons. The cleaning eraser is a specific product that can be purchased at a local supermarket in the cleaning aisle. It looks like a large sponge and requires no additional products to work with it.

  2. Spray the rag with WD-40 or hairspray and wipe the spots--this works especially well for removing ink. If you have wallpaper, test the WD-40 or hairspray on a hidden spot to make sure it doesn't damage the wallpaper. Do not spray the WD-40 or hairspray directly on the wall, as it may create a soiled spot on the wall. After wiping, let the spot dry and repeat this step, as it may take a few times to completely remove the marks. After you are finished, wipe the spot with a clean damp rag to remove any hairspray or WD-40 left behind.

  3. Sprinkle baking soda on a damp rag and wipe the marks off the walls. Test this in a hidden spot if you have wallpaper.

About the Author

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