How to Use Car Polish on Arborite

Arborite is the brand name of a composite material made of plastic and compressed paper fiber. The material is commonly used in fabricating kitchen countertops; it resembles Formica both in texture and appearance. Car polish can be used on Arborite to bring out the shine after cleaning the surface to remove food, dirt and debris.

Step 1

Clean grease, dirt and caked-on food from the Arborite using a kitchen spray cleaner such as 409, wiping down the surface with paper towels.

Step 2

Spray the Arborite surfaces with a fine mist of car polish.

Step 3

Rub the polish into the surface with a clean, dry cloth. Flip the cloth over to buff the Arborite to a shine.

Step 4

Wipe down the surfaces with the cloth to remove any excess polish.