How to Install Cedar Wood Split Rail Fencing

Cedar split rail fencing is an inexpensive type of fence that's simple to install. It's a great border fence that won't block the view around your yard. A cedar split rail fence can be put in place with limited tools and provides a durable boundary around your property. Cedar is less prone to rotting or blackening, making it more hardy than other types of wood fence. Most home improvement stores and fence suppliers will sell you the raw material for the fence, and you can save money by installing it yourself.

  1. Determine where you would like the fence to begin and dig the first hole. The hole should be about 8 inches in diameter and 2 feet deep.

  2. Put a split rail fence post in the hole and use a level to stand it up straight. Make sure the holes in the post are facing down your property line in the direction you're installing the fence. Kick some dirt in the hole to hold the post in place.

  3. Pour a bag of crushed stone into the hole around the post. Use a tamp bar (a long metal bar with a flat end for packing) to pack down the stone. Use a shovel to top the hole off with dirt, and then re-pack with the tamp bar. Check to make sure that the post is still level. If it isn't, push the post in place and pack the ground again.

  4. Insert the bottom wood rail into the post. This will give you the distance to the next hole. Dig the next hole and place in the post. Slide the rails into the posts, starting with the lowest rail and working upward. The rails should sit evenly between the two posts. Once the second post is in place, kick some dirt into the hole and repeat Step 3.

  5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4, alternating between rails and posts until you reach the end of your property line. If you need to make a shorter section of fence to better fit your property, simply use a wood saw to cut the rails down to size.