How to Install Screen Wire on Porches

A porch is a great location around the house to spend time during the warmer months, allowing a little sunshine or perhaps a cool breeze. Of course, the longer you spend out there, the more likely you are to notice pests such as biting or stinging insects. Fortunately, these pests can easily be kept away by installing screen wire on your porch.

  1. Check local building codes to determine if you need a building permit.

  2. Remove any existing framing from the porch using nail and staple removers and pry bars.

  3. Measure the length and height of the open spaces between supports on the different sides of the porch to determine the sizes of the frames. Calculate the square feet of screen wire needed to cover the porch.

  4. Cut 1-by-3s or 1-by-4s to necessary lengths and widths according to your measurements. Miter cut the ends of the pieces and dry fit them together into rectangular frames. Secure the pieces together using end nails and waterproof glue.

  5. Stretch the screen wire over the wooden frames. Place the screen over the frame, cutting all sides down to fit the frame except for the left side, where you will leave a one-inch overlap. Secure the screen wire to the right side of the frame with staples. Pull the screen wire tight, but not enough to distort the frame, and secure it on the left side, the top, and the bottom. Trim away excess screen with a utility knife.

  6. Fit the screen wire frames into the spaces on your porch. The frames should fit snugly into the spaces between major supports. Square the frames into the installation sites and gently tap the frames in with a hammer. Secure each screen wire frame to the installation site with wood screws.


  • Saws and knives can be extremely dangerous. Always wear protection when using sharp tools.

About the Author

Thomas Anderson is a musician and writer in the Marquette, MI area. He holds a bachelor's degree in music education and has written for various local publications and websites as a music journalist for over six years.