How to Clean Range Hood Grease

When cooking over a stove with a range hood, the grease from the food you cook tends to build up on the hood. This grease often turns an orange to brown color similar to that of ear wax, and is very unsightly once it becomes noticeable. Thankfully, the grease comes off, with a little elbow grease and some degreaser. The hardest part to clean can be the filter, normally consisting of stainless steel or aluminum threads across a metal frame. The small areas of these filters are hard to remove the grease from, and can cause some people a lot of headaches if they don't know how to get the grease to come off of those areas.

  1. Turn off the power to the range hood, and check the lights and fan to make sure they don't come on.

  2. Remove the grease filter. If it's a charcoal filter, dispose of it and replace with a new one, then skip Step 5. If it's metal, soak the filter in a heavy coat of degreaser and allow to sit.

  3. Remove the light cover and spray with degreaser. Using a rag, scrub the light cover until the grease is removed.

  4. Spray the degreaser on the hood and scrub with a rag until the grease is all gone. If the buildup is too thick for that approach, mix the baking soda with water until you create a paste. With a hot, soapy rag rub the paste around on the thick buildup. The heat from the rag will help break down the buildup much quicker. Remove any excess grease and dispose of the grease and rag, then spray with the degreaser again and clean with a new rag to remove excess paste and any grease left.

  5. Rinse your metal grease filter and examine. If a little scrubbing will not remove the grease it will need to be soaked and scrubbed again until clean. Another option is to place it in a dishwasher by itself and run a full cycle. This may discolor and cause pits in aluminum filters, so it should only be used as a last resort.

  6. Dry your range hood and parts thoroughly, and reassemble the hood.

  7. Turn the power back on and test the fan and light to make sure the motor is still working and the bulb didn't get blown.


  • Always be careful when maintaining appliances, make sure the power is off and be aware of all moving parts at all times. Failure to do so may result in electrocution and possibly death.
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