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How to Cut Steel Posts

C.L. Rease

Cutting steel posts to length is an easy process with the proper tools. No matter what tools you use to make the cut, marking the steel post is the first step in ensuring that the end of the post will be square, which makes it easier to set the post vertically level or plumb. When you perform the cut, you will need to keep the post stable to reduce the chances that the steel post will spin while cutting. This can result in damaging the blade of the saw or causing injury to you.

  1. Place the tape measure on one end of the steel post and mark the length you need to cut the steel post with the permanent marker.

  2. Secure the steel post in the vise, with the length mark protruding 6 to 8 inches past the jaws of the vise.

  3. Fold the piece of paper lengthwise twice to make a straight edge roughly 2 inches by 11 inches.

  4. Wrap the folded piece of paper around the steel post, pull the two ends of the paper together and slide the edge of the paper to the length mark you placed on the steel post earlier.

  5. Run the permanent marker around the edge of the paper that you aligned with the length mark to provide you a square cutting line for the portable band saw.

  6. Put on your safety glasses and leather gloves.

  7. Place the guard of the portable band saw against the side of the steel post. Do not rest the blade of the saw on the top surface of the steel post.

  8. Press the trigger of the portable band saw and lower the turning blade onto the surface of the steel post.

  9. Tilt the portable band saw toward you as you cut, while keeping slight pressure downward on the steel tube.

  10. Cut through the steel tube, ensuring that the saw blade remains on the marked line.

  11. Run the half-round side of the fine-toothed bastard file around the cut you made on the steel post to remove the rough burr left by the portable band saw.

  12. Remove the cut steel post from the vise.